Sanshin Strap Choose Color $30.00

Okinawa Music Score Book $25 Free Ship

Unique book shows Okinawan and western notations

This book is different from the starter set book


Best Seller!! Set of 3 Karakui Black Hardwood Free Shipping $30

These come unshaved, so that you can custom file to fit your instrument.

Soft Sanshin Cases

Sanshin Tuner Free Ship $20.00

 Custom Doumaki $35 

Best Seller!  Sanshin Tuner Free Ship $20.00

Hard Sanshin Cases

Water Buffalo Bachi , Ceramic and Plastic Bachi Available

Hard and Soft Sanshin Cases available。

Due to the size of these items shipping charges apply.

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Top Seller!! 3 Sets of 3 Strings Free Shipping $20.00

32cm Square Nylon Print Ishigaki Style 1 Pair ( 2 Sheets) Free Shipping $35

Best Seller!! Custom Doumaki $35 Free Shipping

Unshaved Karakui $30.00

Set of 4 Itokake 

Set of 5 Bamboo Uma Free Shipping $15

32cm Square Nylon Print Okinawa Style 1 pair (2 sheets) Free Shipping $35

8cm Water BuffaloTsume Bachi $35

Island Drum 30 cm with Bachi  $180

Ebony Uma Qty 5 $20.00

Set of 4 Itokake choose styles, Free Shipping $30

3 Sets of 3 Strings $20.00

Add Shaving Service $10.00

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Bamboo Uma Qty 5 15.00

Best Seller!! Set of 5 Ebony Uma Free Shipping $20

If you would like us to shave them $10 additional fee required. Exact fit not guaranteed, you may still need to sand lightly

Okinawa Music Score Book $25

  Due to recent damages to Sanshin sent without a case, ALL Sanshin purchases must also include a case.

                   We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to your business -Sanshin Shop

Island Drum 30 cm with Bachi  Free Ship $180

6cm Water BuffaloTsume Bachi $25