Karakui Tuning Pegs modified $120

       Traditional look with modern functionality


​Gold Level Sanshin Gallery

​You must purchase a case to protect the instrument during shipping. See combo's below for best prices. 

Starter Set with Gold Sanshin and Soft Case Starter Set Combo Included.


USA, Asia ONLY                         

​Rosewood Sanshin Gallery
        Color of actual wood product may vary

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​Bronze level Sanshin and Starter Set with Soft Case $380.00


Short Tuning Pegs modified $80

       Modern look with modern functionality




1/4 inch standard line out with internal pickup $70

        (doumaki will be standard black gold unless upgrade is requested) 

​Do you prefer to electrify your Sanshin? Add the following options to your gold Sanshin to create the Electric Gold Sanshin!
Combination Packages

Gold Sanshin Soft Case or Hard Case, Starter Set

                        (snakeskin pattern may vary)

Order just the Sanshin and a case, or combine with starter set upgrades to make a complete package.BEST DEAL!
Starter Set contains everything you need to begin:
Sanshin case (Select hard or Soft),plastic bachi (pick),music book, extra strings, extra tuning peg (karakui), sanshin music CD, electronic tuner  Instructional DVD Silent Bridge (uma) finger position stickers

          OCEANIA, South America and Europe require additional fees for shipping. Contact us for Shipping quote

América del Sur y Europa requieren tarifas adicionales para el envío. Contáctenos para cotización de envío

​Rosewood Deluxe Sanshin and Starter Set with Hard Case $750



​Bronze level Sanshin and Starter Set with Hard Case $395


​Bronze Sanshin Gallery


Add volume controller knob to control output level $35

                                (shown with standard black gold doumaki) 


Imported non-Okinawan materials allow us to sell this Sanshin at a reduced price.

If you are on a tight budget, this may be the Sanshin for you.

Made of imported parts but assembled by craftsmen in Okinawa.

Basic sound quality, at a great price.

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After you put a deposit down on your  Elite Sanshin  we will send you an e-mail with a few details and questions.

 We will offer you varying options on the exact design, including the neck color and doumaki, budget and snakeskin options.

After pricing confirmation full payment and approval from you we will begin construction.

OUR SANSHIN are custom made and construction does not start until after you order.

Because of this construction time will be a minimum of 14 days for the elite model.

This may be considerably longer depending on Local weather conditions that may affect the stretching and drying of the snakeskin.

Most of our  Sanshin are shipped within 5 days of completion. 

We take pride in making you the best product.

Sanshin Pictured in example only, Doumaki and snakeskin pattern may vary.

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ROSEWOOD: This is our high end Artificial Snake Skin Sanshin.

The Rosewood Deluxe Sanshin is made with high quality Rosewood, which provides a deeper more resonating sound. 

The unique color of the Sanshin neck and the amazing resonate sound will set you apart from other Sanshin players.

OUR MOST POPULAR! Starter Set with Gold Sanshin and Hard Case Combo  INCLUDES STARTER SET


Our Sanshin are grouped into different levels based on quality and affordability.

Bronze $

Gold $$ (most popular)

Electric Gold $$$ NEW!

Deluxe Rosewood $$$

Elite Real Snakeskin $$$$

Premium Rosewood Deluxe



​Elite Level, Ebony Wood Authentic Snake Skin


We have a variety of ebony wood top of the line Sanshin that even the most experienced Sanshin pro will be jealous of with basic price from around $1700 to Over $5000, we can custom build a Sanshin for you. We can also replace the real snakeskin with artificial if you desire. 

All Elite Sanshin Include Case, Starter Set and Accessories. FREE Shipping from Okinawa to USA. 

GOLD SANSHIN: This is our most popular model.

Boasting a thick glossy lacquer finish this is one of our highest quality artificial SnakeSkin Sanshin. This instrument in made with superior quality hardwood part and a unique nylon skin that comes very close to the sound of a real snakeskin Sanshin.

This is the same type of Sanshin utilized by professional Sanshin Players when travelling overseas.

Hand assembled by our craftsman only after you place your order. 

All Sanshin come with standard Doumaki

Custom Doumaki(wrap) availabe.