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     Okinawan Sanshin Lyrics, English Pronunciations and Song Translations

This page is dedicated to assisting non Japanese speakers, or non Japanese readers in understanding Music and lyrics of traditional Okinawan music. We will provide the phonetic and literal translation of various popular Okinawan Minyo and Koten songs so that the non Japanese speaking fans of Okinawan music and Sanshin can fully understand and enjoy Okinawan music.

AHA BUSHI: Aha Bushi is probably the most often played and practiced song by a Sanshin beginner. It is also a required song that must be played to receive certification with many of the different Okinawa music organizations.

The Song is about an area in northern Okinawa that was a gathering place for many Okinawan people in the past to relax and reflect upon life. This unique area has beautiful views of the ocean, and hillsides as well as a quiet river. There are grassy knolls as well as various species of pine trees in the area that provide a refreshing scent when the breezes blow.

This is the AHA Bushi area Marker, next to the AHA River, 
the lyrics to the first verse of the song are engraved on the rock.

               This is the view from the grassy knoll looking up the AHA river

          This view shows the Ocean from the Cliffs of AHA overlooking the Pine trees.

AHA BUSHI- First Verse Phonetic and literal translation:

aha(hwa) nu mahaNta ya (hari) chimusugari dukuru

Aha cliff is a place for the true heart and cool breezes of comfort

uku nu machishicha ya ninasi dukuru

Under the pine is a place to sleep

aha(hwa) nu nuunduNci kuganiduru sagiti

Celebrating Ladies lower the golden Lanterns in front of the homes.

uriga 'akagariba mirukuyuugahu

This will be a bright and good year

                                                     LETS PRACTICE AHA BUSHI 

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