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Okinawa Travel


Interested in travelling to Okinawa to learn Sanshin from the Masters?

We have a number of Sanshin training Programs based in Okinawa.  Whether you just want to visit for sightseeing or be immersed in a Sanshin Study Group we have something for you.

Want to learn how to make a Sanshin? We also offer study programs with Sanshin Craftsmen from our Shop! You can learn from the Masters, and even assist in their day to day duties making Sanshin at the Sanshin Shop.

Some of the programs that we have available are:

Okinawa General Sightseeing
A general tour that will include visiting historical sites, Sanshin Shops, Beaches, local and fine dining, and free time. Bring your Sanshin!

Okinawa Immersed Sanshin Study
You will be enrolled in a multi day Sanshin study program at an Okinawan Sanshin Dojo or Sanshin Retreat. Practice times will vary but you should expect to be practicing no less that four hours per day.

There will still be plenty of free time, and other excursions available for you.

Okinawa Sanshin Study And Sanshin Making

Spend a few hours or an entire day practicing the Sanshin and helping our craftsmen make Sanshin. options include, Immersion or just casual observation of Sanshin Making in progress.


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Basic Immersion Program Fee 

             29.800 Yen

The basic program cost includes. 

Lodging for 3 nights and 4 days

Music Book, DVD

Daily Instruction

Congratulations  BBQ

*Students need not speak japanese but should be able to say a few basic words, greetings and numbers

Sample Schedule:

Day One:

1700 hrs Meet at  Sanshin Club for introduction of staff/Instructors and briefing on the upcoming daily events.

1800 First Practice Session, review of Basics, Tuning 

1930 Move to Lodging Facility Onna Village

2000 Free time until next day

Day Two:

0800 Breakfast (enjoy a walk on the beach)

Free time until lesson

1000-1200 Sanshin Lesson (study techniques) quick learning methods, Continue review of basics. Begin Songwork, playing drills etc

1200 Lunch time Bento

1300-1700 Intense Sanshin Practice

1700-1800 Onna Village history discussion

1800-1930- Todays Review Lesson

1930-0000 dinner and free time Visit Sanshin Pub?

Day Three:

1000-1200 Intense Practice

1200-1330 Visit Local Okinawa Food Shop for traditional Lunch (payment students responsibility)

1400-1700 Practice performing on stage in front of others, Peers, instructor etc.

1800 -?? Celebration BBQ with Staff, Staff and students all play sanshin together.

Day Four:

0900-1000 Move out of Lodging

1000- Arrange Transportation to Airport or other area of Okinawa

Students are responsible for airfare , transportation from Airport to our Shop  (if not available from us, we will make every effort to provide pickup when possible extra fee may be charged)

students should have spending money to cover a few meals, and nightly excursions, sightseeing etc.

Cost of this course INCLUDES a "loaner" Sanshin if student does not want to travel with their own.

**Other program Options for additional Fees include personal escort/guide from USA to Okinawa. Complete English translation of all instruction. Arrangement of International Drivers license rental car and Air fare.

Tours of other area of islands, Scuba, Japanese Okinawan Language lessons etc

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